Software Engineering - Made in Germany

With the term Software Engineering and the addition “Made in Germany,” we express our claim to produce products according to the virtues of German engineering. Our agile way of working enables continuous incorporation of user feedback. Automated testing and extensive documentation ensure the highest quality and maintainability of your product.

In order to always be one step ahead of the latest trends and technological developments, we host the largest technology meetups in the Rhine-Main area for our core technologies. Thanks to our strong academic ties, we always use the latest machine learning and data science techniques.

Project Questions about Software Engineering

Modern Front Ends with Angular

We develop our mobile-optimized single-page applications (SPA) with Angular. Rocketloop is one of the earliest German providers of professional web apps using Angular and based on the technology pioneered by Google, we’ve been developing since Alpha’s first release and have since implemented dozens of applications on that basis.

As the organizer of the largest Angular events in the Rhein-Main area, we keep in close contact with the local developer community and the Angular-Core developers.

Reactive Websites with React

For performance-oriented websites with complex user interfaces, we rely on React. Using Virtual DOM and Redux architecture, even the most complex UI components become maintainable and reusable. Thanks to its widespread use and international community, React serves us as a foundation for projects that can be maintained and developed further in a long-term and cost-efficient manner.

Scalable Backends

The separation of front and backend has become more and more standardized in recent years. Today, we’re primarily developing backends that provide secure and scalable REST APIs. According to the project requirements, we rely on two core technologies:

Python / Django

When it comes to development speed and flexibility, Django has established itself as a flexible, easily expandable, and reliable framework. In addition to many European startups, such as Instagram, have shown that quickly scalable applications can be developed on this basis. Rocketloop is the co-organizer of the largest Django Meetup series in the Rhine-Main area.

C# / ASP.NET Core 2.0+

When it comes to performance, maintainability, and on-premise deployments, Microsoft’s open source framework ASP.NET Core stands out with its programming languages C # and F #. Unlike deployments through the IIS server, modern ASP.NET core applications can be packaged in Docker containers and shipped on Linux servers or Microsoft’s Azure platform. We also organize the ASP.NET Core Meetup in the Rhine-Main area.

Web Applications Based on the 12 Factor Principle

When developing complex applications, it is important to find a standard for development, maintenance and operational processes. We are guided by the concept of the 12-factor app. This approach also allows us to standardize our development processes to ensure a consistently good quality.


A codebase managed in the version management system; many deployments


Explicitly declare and isolate dependencies


Store the configuration in environment variables

Network Ports

Export services by binding ports


Scale with the process model

Robust Services

Robust with a quick start and smooth stop

Uniform Environments

Keep development, staging, and production as close as possible

Log Management

Treat logs as a stream of events

Automation / DevOps

Treat admin / management tasks as one-time operations

Service Architecture

Treat supporting services as attached resource

Build, Release, Run

Separate build and run phase strictly


Make the app safe if one or more processes are running

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