The Right Technologies for Your Success

For startups and digital products, technology selection is critical to keeping development costs under control and enabling later scaling. We help you consider follow-up costs and your individual requirements to select suitable technologies and operating concepts and ensure a quick, cost-effective, and safe implementation.

In testing new technologies, approaches, etc, we are happy to be available as an R & D partner through the use of machine learning, blockchain, or smart contracts.

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Progressive Web Apps

Most native smartphone apps are only used a few times after installation. At the same time, the time and expense of getting a user to install an application is disproportionately high. However, in 2017, the development of so-called Progressive Web Apps, which combine some of the benefits of native apps with the ease of access from the mobile browser, became popular.

Progressive Web Apps allow you to give your users near-native app behavior and access to key smartphone features (camera, location, notifications) without having to install a native application.

Project Questions about Progressive Web Apps

Machine Learning

The field of machine learning and data science is very broad and is currently developing rapidly. We maintain close ties to German university chairs and research institutions to keep up to date with the latest science and technology. Rocketloop collaborates with the Big Data Lab of the University of Frankfurt and regularly provides researchers and mentors for projects.

Automated Process Monitoring

With a variety of machine learning methods, deviations from known input patterns can be detected. A big advantage over other statistical methods comes into play when a variety of factors in the monitoring should be considered. Examples include fraud detection in money transactions, SPAM filters, and production line monitoring systems.


Neural networks and the availability of cheap computing power have made great progress in the classification of texts, images and documents. While these algorithms are only applicable with immense development and funding a few years ago, today it is cheap and fast to achieve impressive results in the automated classification. Examples are the image recognition of self-driving vehicles and predictive maintenance.

Project Questions about Machine Learning

Blockchain and Smart Contracts

The subject of blockchain is currently on everyone’s minds. Together with you, we evaluate the use of distributed databases and unchangeable Smart Contracts. Some examples where the use of block chain based solutions adds value are:

Proof of Ownership

Here, the immutability of the Blockchain is used to track real or digital goods the owners possess. The use of cryptographic methods makes it possible to make a proof of ownership only if the owner explicitly confirms this.

Proof of Authenticity

In the fight against product counterfeiting and quality assurance, it is becoming more important to be able to prove authenticity, origin, and time of production of products. Especially in the cooperation between suppliers and OEMs, private blockchains offer the opportunity to meet these requirements safely and efficiently.

Proof of Existance

The digital signature of documents, the existence of a particular document, or incident at a particular time can be well mapped to unchangeable databases. The authenticity of logging systems, log data, signatures, or documents can be publicly and securely documented.

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